Who Is Mike Lucas?

Hi! I’m Mike Lucas and I enjoy music, playing the guitar, taking lots of photos of my adventures, my dog, Biggie, and the great outdoors.

But Mike, What About Like Way Back When?

Who were you? Where are you from?
I grew up taking singing lessons and acting in my high school theater. I was always a creative kid and enjoyed exploring different ways of expressing myself creatively and being an artist. I was in many different art classes painting classes, photo classes and acting classes. I enjoyed slapstick comedy and very over-the-top acting styles like Jim Carrey and Dana Carvey. Being eccentric and dramatic was my thing. One time in this play I had this one role where I played this crazy wizard guy, who tumbled all over the place after he was drinking all of the magic potions, and other funny stuff like that. (Now I’m just rambling)
I wasn’t just artsy fartsy though I also played baseball and basketball. Back then I wish I played football because I enjoy the sport now. Had I ate a lot more and lifted weight and worked out I could have gotten a lot bigger than I was when I was in high school. It’ll would have been fun to play either of those sports at a competitive college. If I had more focus on sports during high school, I think some pretty big doors could have opened. Now I am a pretty big dude, 6’6″ 225 pounds and I’m still looking to grow in all areas of life.

Skip To The Present

Nowadays, I love my dog, noodling on my “geetar” and going to different places to explore and snap pictures of.
I hope you enjoy what you view and read on my site!
Thanks for checking it out.

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