How to Pick Quality Wood For Guitar Tops


Wood that has inherent acoustic properties and is used in the fabrication of acoustic instruments, is referred to as tonewood. Although this expression can be used to apply to all aspects of wood used in guitar building, it mainly refers to the guitar top wood. It is chiefly simply because that virtually the many tone and amount a guitar boasts, is a response to the species and caliber from the top wood. Taking into consideration top tonewood, top bracing as well as the manner with this guitar was built, the luthier has a incredible amount of command inside the tone and volume qualities of the guitar.

I have been begging my parents to give me some of the wood from some of their fallen trees that their tree care guy needs to cut up into smaller pieces. There are some good pieces of maple and mahogany that I would be interested in testing out for guitar. When I was down visiting my parents and spoke with the owner of their tree service company in Pasadena CA he was excited because he plays guitar and had always wanted to make his own guitar. I told him I would send him pictures when the project was finished. Anyways, I digress.

The back plate and sides enjoy a subordinate role in this they provide your expression qualities of the vibrations outwards, on the top and sound-hole. If you know the guitar returning and sides perform definitely influence your tone and volume of the guitar, the very best is really the determining aspect in producing shaped tone and volume.

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The Dude Who Made Me Want To Kill My Guitar

There was never really a guitarist I idolized until I got to high school and came across the band The Icarus Line. Someone at my school was the sister of one of the guys in the band. Anyways, a group of us go to see this band since this girl can get us tickets. And it was totally sweet! I mean it was all rock and roll. It was dirty, it was raw, it was loud, it was crunchy. It had swagger.

And this guitarist, this dude, Aaron North, just killed it on the guitar. He played so violently and strung together fistful smashes of downstrokes onto his guitar body that one could think he was trying to give his guitar chest compressions.

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My Top 5 Favorite Music Movies

There have been some really good music related movies in the past 30 years. They entertain us and give us the brief glimpse into the life of a super star. While I do prefer rock and roll, there are movies that touch on different genres and styles of music that still grab my imagination and take it for a ride.

Some movie scenes based on a fictional or real life person are so classic, almost every guitar player or musician knows about it. Heck, they can probably recite the lines!

So here’s my list of the top 5 music movies! (in my opinion)

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Why I Think Buckethead Is The Raddest Guitarist Ever

Buckethead is one of my favorite guitarists ever because he can shred but he can also play just really beautiful music as well. The guy is a music making machine. He’s come out with more than a hundred albums just by himself and he’s been on a ton of other albums for various other projects with other musicians ranging from metal to funk, jazz, ambient and blues. The guy knows his stuff and doesn’t deal with just one genre like many people mistakenly think.

His Signature Look

I originally was so into him just because he looked so crazy with his costume on stage. He’s known for a wearing a KFC bucket on his head, a stark white mask and like a yellow rain coat. Actually, throughout high school, each Halloween this was my costume. It was great, people loved it! They didn’t know exactly who or what I was, but I was easily one of the creepiest people on campus.

Some Of My Favorite Buckethead Videos

Buckethead Playing With Guns N Roses