Tips on How to Find a Family Photographer

photographerPhotos will always give you a remembrance of the various special moments you once shared with your friends or family members. For this reason, it is important that if you’re not a pro in taking photos, you consider hiring a person who is an expert in that field, so that they can provide you with photos that you’ll always like each time you see them.

If you need a family photographer or if you’re never okay with the photos you always take when you’ve taken your family to an event it’s ideal that consider hiring the best family photographer. Basically, it is the duty of any experienced family photographer to ensure that the photos which he/she captures are quality ones. This write up will provide you with effective tips that will assist you be able to find a quality family photographer.

Tips on How to Find an Experienced Wedding Photographer

Tip#1: Reference from Colleagues and Friends

Friends, co- workers, colleagues or even your relatives who have hired family photographers can really boost you effort in your attempt to find a reliable wedding photographer. Ask these people how the photo-men they’ve employed takes photos, how efficient and effective they are in their job as well as the amount of cash they normally charge when they attend to them.


Tip#2: Searching for an Experienced Family Photographer on the Internet

Are you aware that the internet is one of the places that will always offer you with information to whatever you want to know? All you need to do when you want to look for family photographers on the internet is goggling “How to Find a Reliable Family Photographer” and you’ll be proved with a list of them.

However, since the internet is also one of the places that is crowded with lots of con ladies and conmen, you must ensure that you are using a reliable site in order to reduce the possibility of you getting conned.


Tip#3: Visiting the Family Photographers You Have Located

It is also ideal that you meet with some of the family photographers you’re opting to hire. Once you visit these people, ask them to assist you with several photos they’ve taken recently so that you can know if they’re really experienced. Also, it is important that you ask them to provide you with a list of their past consumer reviews. Contact some of the people in the list and inquire more about these photographers.

It is important that you ignore any photographer that does not offer you with a list of his/her past consumer reviews since it mean that there is something he is trying to hide from you that he does not want you to know.


Tip#4: Considering Hiring an Experienced Family Photographer

It is important that you consider a person that has been in that line of business i.e. taking family photography for long. Ask the people you intend to hire how long they’ve been in that line of business so that you can know the one who’s more experienced than the others.


Tip#5: Using the Pricing Factor to Consider Who to Hire

Once you’ve narrowed your options and you’re now remaining with two family photographers, it is important that you use the pricing factor to consider the person to hire. Consider a person that will not only charge you less for his/her services but also the one that will guarantee you satisfactory results. Let us now have a look at some of the benefits you will reap if you will hire an experienced family photographer.


Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Wedding Photographer

You Will Be Guaranteed High Quality Photos

You will always be guaranteed of quality photos when you hire an experienced family photographer. Since the person will be aware that he will be earning a living from taking your photos, he/she will make sure that any photos he/she captures are quality ones. Don’t you think that that will be in deed great?

Reduce the Burden Involved in Taking Photos

An experienced family photographer will reduce the burden you’ll have carried if you’d not had hired one. An experienced photographer will also carry the burden of taking the photos to the studio so that they can be produced. All you’ll be required to do once you’ve hired this person is posing so that the photos can be taken and waiting for your photos.

Last, but not least, as you’ve seen, there are very many benefits you’ll experience if you will consider hiring a family photographer. Ensure that you hire one soon so that you can be able to experience the various benefits they offer. Thank you.

Why Tree Removal Is Important

Planting trees are always beneficial for human beings. It gives out oxygen and takes in deadly and poisonous carbon dioxide. It helps in increasing the natural beauty of the earth and provide shelter to many. Further, it helps in protecting us from the direct sun rays and rain through its shade. No doubt the fact trees give countless benefits, but equally they a times can also harm us instead of being good. When such adverse situation arises, nothing can be better than hiring the tree removal services offered by experienced tree care service providers. Go ahead with tree care and Monrovia tree removal services immediately and allow professionals to handle the work of trimming and cutting of dangerous trees.

Why sometimes tree removal become essential?

tree trimming expertsWhen a tree is not cared for long time, it starts rotting by its own. When such situation takes place, then it can be dangerous for the community as well as property. This can badly affect your as well as your family members health.

Imagine a situation when your kids are playing under a big pine tree and suddenly any branch of that fall down as no one takes care of that tree properly. A tree that comes down can cause a great deal of damage. It can destroy a roof, even flatten a part of a house if the tree is very large, and if not done correctly it can very easily cause bodily injury, which is why you must be so careful about hiring qualified tree remover your area. That way you can worry less, because you know things will go smoothly. So make sure to get such rot trees removed from the professional experts, who hold expertise in their respective domain. This is where a need of removal of the tree is essential.

These god given living beings can be saved by giving proper care and maintenance. Care like cutting and trimming of branches at times help in extending their growth further. This will also help in making the tree more healthier and extending their normal life space. Remember that taking care of trees and offering them the required care services can help in well maintenance of trees and also assist in keeping your surrounding clean and hygienic. Its very critical to take good care of the trees like the way you care for your children. This way, they will grow healthier and get lots of benefits to the society.

There are many Monrovia, CA tree care companies that are engaged offering services like tree removal and other services related to it like tree trimming, tree pruning, deadwood removal and stump removal. It is always advisable to approach these companies in order to save the trees planted in your locality. These services can also help you in transferring trees from one place to another.

You can take stump grinding services, if you see your old tree falling or get cut, but its roots and stumps are still fixed. There is no harm in hiring professional Monrovia tree service provider in order to give your tree a special care and maintain them in a far better manner.

You Have Got To See Tool Live

Back in high school I saw Tool live and it was one of the best shows of my life. It was everything I had always wanted it to be and then some. And now we can finally see the again. I mean how long has it been since they dropped an album? How long has it been since they went on tour?

The answer is TOO LONG!!!

So do yourself a favor and buy yourself a ticket to see one of the most original bands in the world.

How to Pick Quality Wood For Guitar Tops


Wood that has inherent acoustic properties and is used in the fabrication of acoustic instruments, is referred to as tonewood. Although this expression can be used to apply to all aspects of wood used in guitar building, it mainly refers to the guitar top wood. It is chiefly simply because that virtually the many tone and amount a guitar boasts, is a response to the species and caliber from the top wood. Taking into consideration top tonewood, top bracing as well as the manner with this guitar was built, the luthier has a incredible amount of command inside the tone and volume qualities of the guitar.

I have been begging my parents to give me some of the wood from some of their fallen trees that their tree care guy needs to cut up into smaller pieces. There are some good pieces of maple and mahogany that I would be interested in testing out for guitar. When I was down visiting my parents and spoke with the owner of their tree service company in Pasadena CA he was excited because he plays guitar and had always wanted to make his own guitar. I told him I would send him pictures when the project was finished. Anyways, I digress.

The back plate and sides enjoy a subordinate role in this they provide your expression qualities of the vibrations outwards, on the top and sound-hole. If you know the guitar returning and sides perform definitely influence your tone and volume of the guitar, the very best is really the determining aspect in producing shaped tone and volume.

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My Trip To So Cal Visiting My Brother

I recently when I a great road trip from Washington to Southern California recently to visit my brother who lives down there. Let me tell you, it was so great! Took a little time off of work, brought the pup in the car with me, grabbed my camera and guitar, threw some clothes in my suitcase and headed out the door.

I had a general idea of what route I wanted to take. I know it takes a little bit longer, but I wanted to stay as close to the coast as possible. The drive is so much nicer that way. Taking the 5 sucks. And this trip wasn’t about speed it was about taking a break, getting out of town, documenting my adventure through photos and most of all hanging with my brother who I definitely don’t see enough of.

Alright I’m Gonna Skip To The Coolest Part Of The Trip

The afternoon I arrived it was my birthday. Now, my brother and I had chatted about a week before when I was traveling through Oregon and Northern California, and he mentioned doing something for my birthday. I was like yea, that’s cool, let’s hit up one of your local bars and bring some of your buddies out.

Well, I get to his place around 2pm and I need to take a nap because I was so unbelievably tired! Thank goodness I went to catch some z’s because what my brother had planned for us that night; I need all the energy I could muster.

Our VIP Night On The Town

I had no idea my brother had a super epic night planned. When I woke up from my nap at like 6pm he told I need to shower, shave and throw on my nicest shirt and pair of slacks. I was a little confused, he said he had the whole night planned and that he was going to make sure to make this my best birthday yet.

I wanted to know what we were going to do but my brother wouldn’t spill the beans. It looked like I could just sit back, relax and enjoy my birthday!

At about 7pm a super stretch limo pulls up in front of my brothers pad. He said he had a hook up on limo service from a college fraternity buddy. God bless his soul.

The whole gang hopped in the limo and we were on our way to dinner. This is about the time I slowly start to forget the night. haha.

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The Dude Who Made Me Want To Kill My Guitar

There was never really a guitarist I idolized until I got to high school and came across the band The Icarus Line. Someone at my school was the sister of one of the guys in the band. Anyways, a group of us go to see this band since this girl can get us tickets. And it was totally sweet! I mean it was all rock and roll. It was dirty, it was raw, it was loud, it was crunchy. It had swagger.

And this guitarist, this dude, Aaron North, just killed it on the guitar. He played so violently and strung together fistful smashes of downstrokes onto his guitar body that one could think he was trying to give his guitar chest compressions.

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My Top 5 Favorite Music Movies

There have been some really good music related movies in the past 30 years. They entertain us and give us the brief glimpse into the life of a super star. While I do prefer rock and roll, there are movies that touch on different genres and styles of music that still grab my imagination and take it for a ride.

Some movie scenes based on a fictional or real life person are so classic, almost every guitar player or musician knows about it. Heck, they can probably recite the lines!

So here’s my list of the top 5 music movies! (in my opinion)

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Why I Think Buckethead Is The Raddest Guitarist Ever

Buckethead is one of my favorite guitarists ever because he can shred but he can also play just really beautiful music as well. The guy is a music making machine. He’s come out with more than a hundred albums just by himself and he’s been on a ton of other albums for various other projects with other musicians ranging from metal to funk, jazz, ambient and blues. The guy knows his stuff and doesn’t deal with just one genre like many people mistakenly think.

His Signature Look

I originally was so into him just because he looked so crazy with his costume on stage. He’s known for a wearing a KFC bucket on his head, a stark white mask and like a yellow rain coat. Actually, throughout high school, each Halloween this was my costume. It was great, people loved it! They didn’t know exactly who or what I was, but I was easily one of the creepiest people on campus.

Some Of My Favorite Buckethead Videos

Buckethead Playing With Guns N Roses

What Is Guitar Warfare

Welcome to my blog. Click here to see what it’s about and who I am.

One of my first ideas for Guitar Warfare was to match famous and popular guitarists against each other and critique their playing styles, their performance and songwriting abilities.

I’d be discussing different guitarists from a wide variety of genres and a little about the bands that they are in. I also wanted to write about different guitarists, their playing styles and their gear. There’d be this whole voting aspect to the website and if you wanted to nominate a guitar player to be interviewed, or have an article written about them, you could send us your vote at Guitarist Request.

But that idea isn’t what this site will be about entirely.

This site is more of a personal blog of mine where I will be expressing my thoughts about certain things, experiences and musings. You can read more on my official about page.