The Dude Who Made Me Want To Kill My Guitar

There was never really a guitarist I idolized until I got to high school and came across the band The Icarus Line. Someone at my school was the sister of one of the guys in the band. Anyways, a group of us go to see this band since this girl can get us tickets. And it was totally sweet! I mean it was all rock and roll. It was dirty, it was raw, it was loud, it was crunchy. It had swagger.

And this guitarist, this dude, Aaron North, just killed it on the guitar. He played so violently and strung together fistful smashes of downstrokes onto his guitar body that one could think he was trying to give his guitar chest compressions.

I remember he had strips of duct tape fixed to the front of his speaker cabinet spelling, “PUNK IS DEAD”. He played a sick Hagstrom guitar and played through a rack-mount Mesa Boogie dual rectifier and a Marshall 4×12. He also had a ton of effects pedals that were pretty awesome. I don’t remember all of them exactly, but I know on his effects pedal board were a red Snarling Dogs wah-wah pedal, some Z-Vex pedal, a Boss DF-2, a Boss PH-(2 or 3, I can’t remember) and a Line 6 DL-4.

The Austin Incident

So these guys were at SXSW one year and they’re playing the Hard Rock Cafe that night. And these guys aren’t rock stars or anything, they’re eating like shit, traveling around with barely any money for gas, dealign with shitty venues and the like. Well, midway thru the set, or, maybe it was towards the end…Aaron flips out, grabs a mic stand and cracks open a glass display case holding a guitar from Stevie Ray Vaughn.


Playing With Nine Inch Nails

Later down the line, he left the band and then somehow got a gig touring with Nine Inch Nails, that’s pretty sick. Pretty sure it was the Hand That Feeds tour, but I’m not completely sure. There’s more awesome videos of him that show off his playing style and just how insane he gets when he’s on stage.

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