Why I Think Buckethead Is The Raddest Guitarist Ever

Buckethead is one of my favorite guitarists ever because he can shred but he can also play just really beautiful music as well. The guy is a music making machine. He’s come out with more than a hundred albums just by himself and he’s been on a ton of other albums for various other projects with other musicians ranging from metal to funk, jazz, ambient and blues. The guy knows his stuff and doesn’t deal with just one genre like many people mistakenly think.

His Signature Look

I originally was so into him just because he looked so crazy with his costume on stage. He’s known for a wearing a KFC bucket on his head, a stark white mask and like a yellow rain coat. Actually, throughout high school, each Halloween this was my costume. It was great, people loved it! They didn’t know exactly who or what I was, but I was easily one of the creepiest people on campus.

Some Of My Favorite Buckethead Videos

Buckethead Playing With Guns N Roses

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