My Trip To So Cal Visiting My Brother

I recently when I a great road trip from Washington to Southern California recently to visit my brother who lives down there. Let me tell you, it was so great! Took a little time off of work, brought the pup in the car with me, grabbed my camera and guitar, threw some clothes in my suitcase and headed out the door.

I had a general idea of what route I wanted to take. I know it takes a little bit longer, but I wanted to stay as close to the coast as possible. The drive is so much nicer that way. Taking the 5 sucks. And this trip wasn’t about speed it was about taking a break, getting out of town, documenting my adventure through photos and most of all hanging with my brother who I definitely don’t see enough of.

Alright I’m Gonna Skip To The Coolest Part Of The Trip

The afternoon I arrived it was my birthday. Now, my brother and I had chatted about a week before when I was traveling through Oregon and Northern California, and he mentioned doing something for my birthday. I was like yea, that’s cool, let’s hit up one of your local bars and bring some of your buddies out.

Well, I get to his place around 2pm and I need to take a nap because I was so unbelievably tired! Thank goodness I went to catch some z’s because what my brother had planned for us that night; I need all the energy I could muster.

Our VIP Night On The Town

I had no idea my brother had a super epic night planned. When I woke up from my nap at like 6pm he told I need to shower, shave and throw on my nicest shirt and pair of slacks. I was a little confused, he said he had the whole night planned and that he was going to make sure to make this my best birthday yet.

I wanted to know what we were going to do but my brother wouldn’t spill the beans. It looked like I could just sit back, relax and enjoy my birthday!

At about 7pm a super stretch limo pulls up in front of my brothers pad. He said he had a hook up on limo service from a college fraternity buddy. God bless his soul.

The whole gang hopped in the limo and we were on our way to dinner. This is about the time I slowly start to forget the night. haha.

I mean, I know we went to dinner, I know I ordered a steak and once we left the restaurant to go to a club or bar or something, I was already on I think my fifth drink. I was getting pretty plastered. But hey, that’s basically what my brother told me to do. I woke up with a wicked hang over and may or may not have had a girl in my bed. Birthday’s are the best.


Since I can’t really remember much of my birthday night I’ll just get to the awesome photos I snapped on the road.

Here’s Some Coastal Photos From The Road Trip

I travelled down from Washington through Idaho, Oregon and all of California. The scenery was amazing and I couldn’t have asked for any better lighting for my photos.



 My Favorite Photos From The Trip (personally)


 Alright, Shutting It Down

I promise to show you more of my photos in upcoming posts. I have to get back to work and I can’t make this trip down memory lane as long as I initially hoped, but I will be posting more photos soon. I think I’m going to add a portfolio page and maybe even a shopping cart and offer some of my photos for sale.

Catch you guys later!

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